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So you want to download the Undertale apk for your Android device, that’s the reason you’re here. And the good news is I am going to provide you with the latest version of this RPG.

Undertale is a unique Role-play (RPG) action game. Why I am calling this game “unique” I will explain later in the introduction. We have witnessed a sharp rise in the number of players in RP and adventure games like GTA San Andreas, and Sonic Origins. For instance, a survey shows that 29% of all the spending in the global mobile gaming market in the United States in 2021.

I am also a fan of RPGs, therefore, I am here with the latest version of Undertale apk, besides this, I’ll talk about its introduction, features, how to download it, FAQs, and more.

Let’s dive in without wasting time!

What is Undertale Apk?

what is Undertale apk

Undertale apk with no gamepad is a 2 dimensional (not good news for 3D game lovers) RPG game that is based on action and was developed by Toby Fox (an American game developer). It is available on various platforms like Windows, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and so on, however, it is the Android version of Undertale apk latest version.

This game is known to be inspired by some books, novels, and the TV shows like Mr. Bean. It is also noticeable that for whatever reason, this game is being played by millions around the world.


The game’s story is not that rich, I mean there could be something more interesting in the story but it is not. So as a player, you’ll be playing the role of a kid, probably a girl who had fallen into the underground world.

The reason why I was calling it a unique game is its story. I have played a number of RPGs game based on action and adventure but this was my first RP game in which the fighting occur under the ground not on the ground like most games.

Gameplay of Undertale:

Video Credits: Carrot Helper YouTube Channel

So as a little girl, your goal has to be to come out of that dangerous world, however, it is not going to be that easy when there will be dangerous monsters and enemies around you willing to get rid of you in a jerk of an eye.

Basically, you’ll have 2 options, you will either fight or make dialogue to come out. For me, that lady who guides you throughout the game was no less than a blessing because you’re totally dependent on the instructions and information provided by that lady.

Undertale is an action game but it offers fun as well, for example, you can be friends with the monsters, and you can dance with them for some time. These were the points I was talking about.

Seriously, I could not get out of that scary underground world without her help. I’ll say you should not initiate a fight with any of the monsters if not needed or inevitable. Monsters are not the only hurdle, you’ll also be tempted by various puzzles to escape and come out.

undertale apk

Having the option to fight or flee, the result of this game can not be the same because obviously, the fights are quite tactical. For instance, you need to keep an eye on the heart which represents the player’s soul.

You’ll also be able to check the life or health status of the enemy so you can get rid of him if he is low at hp. Apart from the usual combats, there will be boss fights as well to test your skills to the last extent.

Features of Undertale:

Graphics: The graphics are pretty, though it is not a 3d game everything is balanced when it comes to the graphics. Different people have different opinions about them, however, I think the graphics could be a bit better.

undertale apk

Sound & Music: The sound quality is amazing and if we talk about the background music, it is outstanding and is even being used by hundreds of content creators around the world.

UI: Ui is easy and user-friendly to some extent. It took me some games to understand everything entirely but maybe I took time because it was a different game for me with a lot of new and different things to consider.

undertale apk

No Lag: I just hate the in-game lag like most gamers, however, luckily, there is no in-game lag even on average devices. The gameplay was smooth and intuitive. 

How to Download Undertale for Free?

Undertale Download Android:

You can easily and quickly download Underatel Android by clicking the download button. To do this, follow the steps below:

Step#1: Tap the download button that is placed under the featured image.

Step#2: This button will redirect you to the download page, you’ll have to wait for 8 seconds until the links are generated.

Step#3: Click again on the download button that you’ll see on the download page.

Step#4: Click on the download anyway and allow your device to download the apk file from unknown sources.

FAQs: (Undertale Apk)

Wrapping Up: 

That’s all from my side on the Undertale apk, I have also provided a download link to the latest version of the Underatale apk. I have also discussed other relevant topics so you don’t have to visit any other website for this purpose.

While this game is totally so don’t miss the chance to download it on your Android device and I am pretty sure this game will not disappoint you in any case. 

I hope this article has been helpful to you and it has fully satisfied your query. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below in the comment section.

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