Legends of Kingdom Rush Apk Free Download (Android & iOS) 2023

So you want to download the Legends of Kingdom Rush Apk, that’s the reason you’re here. And the good news is I have provided the latest version of this game in this post.

It is an RPG (Role-playing game) that is based on strategy. We have seen a spiky rise in the fame of strategy games in recent years. For instance, a survey reveals that 55% of gamers in the United States believe that strategy games make them feel accomplished.

Therefore, I am here with a download link to the latest version of Legends of Kingdom Rush apk. I am also going to talk about its introduction, gameplay, how to download it, FAQs, and other relevant information.

Download Kingdom Rush iOS

Note: I have provided a download link to the iOS version of this game as well at the bottom of this post.

So let’s dive in without further ado!

What is Legend of Kingdom Rush Apk?

What is Legend of Kingdom Rush Apk?

Legends of Kingdom Rush is a tower defense strategy game developed by Ironhide Game Studio and launched by Armor Games in 2011. It was initially launched as a free Flash browser game. Now, it is also available on Android, Windows, Steam, and other platforms.

You play the role of a general serving King Denas of Linirea in this single-player game while defending the towers and your hometown. There are 4 different types of towers in this game such as archers, barracks, artillery, and mage.

These towers are going to be your main source of defense in this game, for instance, you can use these towers to defend against various enemies. You can use the gold snatched from enemies to upgrade your towers.

What I like the most about this game is you’ll be roaming through beautiful landscapes like mountains, lakes, forests, and more. So you can have two types of fun in this game, the first one is fighting and the other one is eye-catching scenes.

Legends of Kingdom Rush Gameplay:

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There are different levels in the game, after having a level completed, you get stars that can be used for various upgrades and buying other stuff. There are two modes (Heroic and Iron Challenge) as well apart from the normal gameplay.

You’ll see a green health bar in dots that indicates the level of your health, you can also keep an eye on the health bar of your enemies to get rid of the damaged enemies asap. Moreover, you’ll be able to monitor the health of all your foes.

legends of kingdom rush apk

You can earn stars while playing these modes, however, these modes are pretty tough and you get a star as a reward after completing every single challenge but you’ll only have one life per game. 

In the mobile version like this, you can buy various objects like power packs, add-ons, and bombs with the gem currency. The gameplay is smooth and the goal is clear like there is no complication in the gameplay and story.

Apart from normal fighting, you also have to go one on one with different bosses and monsters. It offers 13 Heroes that you can use to play and fight against different enemies like demons, goblins, and more.

Features of Legends of Kingdom Rush Frontiers Apk:

Graphics: I have to rate the graphics of Kingdom Rush Frontiers apk 10/10 because I like natural beauty and scenery. The game is extremely colorful and full of beautiful scenery.

legends of kingdom rush apk

Sound & Music: The background music of Legends of Kingdom Rush apk is amazing and soothing, plus, the sound quality is also tremendous. 

User-Interface: It comes with an easy-to-learn UI so the players can focus on the game despite getting confused by the interface. 

legends of kingdom rush apk

No Lag: I have not noticed any sort of lag in this game. I have played a number of games like this one, however, most games don’t perform that well when it comes to the lag.

Allies: Though this game offers single-player gameplay, however, you can recruit and trains friendly soldiers or allies with you to help you.

Offline Gameplay: You can not only play this game online but you can play offline as well. There is no multiplayer in this game so being offline is alright.

In-game Instructions: The developers of this game have paid special importance to the players, therefore, they have provided in-game instructions in all modes and levels.

legends of kingdom rush apk

Achievements: Every cutting-edge video game is offering achievements because these achievements add even more fun to the game. Legends of Kingdom also come with exciting achievements.

Controls: Apart from the other features, the controls provided in this game are also easy to learn and use. Moreover, these controls don’t cover the full screen like most mobile Android and iOS games.

How to Download Kingdom Rush for Android?

It is pretty simple, just follow the steps below to get this game without spending a single penny.

Step#1: Click on the download button (colored in green) at the top of this post.

Step#2: Wait for 8 seconds until the download links are generated and you’re redirected to the download page.

Step#3: Click again on the download button.

Step#4: Allow your device to download files from unknown sources.

Step#5: Click on download anyway.

This is how you can download the Legends of Kingdom Rush apk for free.

How to Install Legends of Kingdom Rush Apk?

Once the file is downloaded, go to the downloads, open the apk file, and click on install. Allow the installation from unknown sources and the game will be installed instantly.

Kingdom Rush iOS:

I also have provided a download link to the iOS version of Legends of Kingdom Rush Frontiers. Click on the download button to get it for your iOS device.

FAQs: (Legends of Kingdom Rush Apk)

Wrapping Up:

So that’s all from my side along with a download link to the latest version of Legends of Kingdom Rush apk, its introduction, FAQs, and other related information. So download the game if you want to have ultimate gaming fun in an RP strategy tower defense game.

I hope this article has been helpful to you, if have any other questions, suggestions, or anything like this, feel free to mention them in the comments below.

Happy Gaming & Thanks for Reading!

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