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There are a number of reasons behind the fame and demand of the Talking Gina apk and one of those reasons is Talking Gina is someone who can replicate you by all means.

And the good news is I am going to provide a download link to the latest version of it free of cost. Talking Gina is a Giraffe from the Savannas of Africa who loves to eat, play, and sleep.

It can do a number of things that I’ll later do, however, the biggest benefit is it never lets you bore. Moreover, it is not only famous for kids, rather, teenagers also love this one of its kind game.

It has millions of downloads and active monthly players, that’s why I have decided to write a comprehensive post on Talking Gina the Giraffe. I’ll also talk about its introduction, key features, how to make him happy, what she eats, FAQs, and other relevant topics.

Let’s get started!

What is Talking Gina Apk?


Talking Gina apk is an Android game based on a talking giraffe, some people also consider it an app, not a game, however, it is a proper game. It was developed and launched by Outfit7 Limited, if you’re interested in animal-based games, you might be aware of who these developers are because they also developed one of its kind game Talking Tom in 2010.

There is no other gaming franchise that can compete with this gaming house in developing animal-based games. Talking Tom has billions of downloads, moreover, all the series of this game are pretty famous in the gaming community, especially for toddlers and teenagers. It is also known as a reflex-building game.

Well! That was the introduction, now, let’s talk about Taking Gina Giraffe also known as Tamagotchi. This game revolves around Talking Gina the Giraffe, who has got things to do like the Giraffe can copy and repeat what we speak, he/she can eat, and so on.

If you have the concept of Talking Tom in your mind, you need to review your understanding because here, the case is different, the Giraffe is quite moody, so you need to entertain her, or else there will be limited fun. As a matter of fact, we see a number of exciting apps and games these days.

Basically, you need to be friends with him because if you ignore or mistreat her, she will not accept you as his friend in the first place. Why this game is time-consuming because you have to play some dozen levels in order to make your friend Talking Gina the Giraffe happy.

talking gina apk

People are also using this game to educate their kids because you can clean the teeth of the Giraffe, moreover, you can treat him like a kid. This way, the kids get the inspiration to clean their teeth and take a proper bath every day. 

All the actions happen in stunning animations that keep kids engaged for a long time. You can also buy some items via in-app purchases, for example, you can buy toothpaste. Fortunately, there is a child mode in this game so the kids can not buy anything while in kids mode.

Another reason behind Taking Gina the GIraffe’s fame is he can talk, copy, react, can even come with funny voices, for example, if you touch him, he will definitely react. Why keeping him happy is this much important because there is an achievement system as well in this animal-talking Android game. For example, if he is 90% happy, he will kiss you and if he is 100% happy, you’ll get a grafter. 


Graphics: With different exciting animations and 3D graphics, the Talking Gina apk is not going to disappoint you when it comes to graphics. However, I think the colors are a bit brighter keeping the kids in mind.

talking gina apk

Sound Quality: Sound quality is just amazing, all the voices are clear and loud. If you want to enjoy the real fun of its sound, you must use headphones. 

User-Interface: I am actually a fan of the interface of the Talking Gina apk because it is extremely easy to understand and learn, for instance, even the kids can master its basics in some weeks. Its interface is even easier and superior compared to the interface of Talking Gina the Giraffe’s old version.

In-app Purchases: With the help of the in-app purchases feature, you can buy different things like ice cream, strawberries, and toothpaste. 

Kids Mode: Kids mode prevents kids from wasting their parent’s money on in-app purchases.

Animations: Another reason behind the fame of Talking Gina is the animations it offers. There are a number of interesting animations that Gina can do to please others. Apart from physical actions, these animations contain various lovely sounds as well. For example, if she is eating something like ice cream, it will not be without the sound.

talking gina apk

How To Make Talking Gina Happy?

The important task you must do in this game is to make and keep Taking Gina the Giraffe happy all the time. I have some tips to mention in this regard.

  • Play with her: What makes him happier than anything is playing which means she requires proper time and if you ignore him, she will get sad. (she loves playing patty cake games)
  • Feed her: She just loves eating strawberries, ice cream cones, carrots, cookies, and more. Apart from carrots and other stuff, she likes water and soda as well at times.
  • Clean his Teeth: I have noticed that she enjoys the cleaning of his teeth so don’t be lazy in doing that.

How To Download Talking Gina apk the Giraffe?

how to download talking gina apk

Talking Gina Download:

If you want to download this game on your Android device, you can either download Talking Gina from the Google Play store or you can simply download it from my site by following the steps below.

Step#1: Go to the settings in your device and allow it to download files from unknown sources (don’t worry my site is safe).

Step#2: click on the download button.

Step#3: Wait for 10 seconds until the links are generated and you are directed to the download page.

Step#4: Once on the download page, click again on the download button and that will be it for you.

How do I run an APK file on my PC?

Apk files don’t directly run on the pc, however, it is effortless to do, all you need to do is to download an emulator like Bluestack on your Pc to run apk files at any time.

FAQs: (Talking Gina Apk)

Final Words:

So that’s all from my side on the Talking Gina apk, I hope this article has been helpful to you, moreover, it has responded perfectly to your query. I have tried my best to discuss all the related topics like its introduction, FAQ, and more.

And lastly, don’t forget to press the download button because Talking in the Giraffe is absolutely free at the moment. If you have questions, suggestions, r anything like this, just leave a comment below.

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