Real Drift Car Racing Full Apk Free Download (2023)

So you want to download real drift car racing full apk, that’s why you’re here. Well, you’re at the right place. 

People are just crazy when it comes to cars and car racing; for instance, a study shows that almost 445 Million viewers watched formula one only in 2021.

This stat shows how much people love racing and drifting, but not everyone can have this experience in real life. Therefore, thousands of car racing and drifting games are being developed as substitutes every single day, and one of those games is real drift car racing.

This guide contains a download link to the latest version of real drift car racing full apk, how to download and install real drift car racing, FAQs, and other relevant information.

What Is Real Drift Car Racing Full Apk?

Real Drift Car Racing Full Apk

As evident by its name, the real drift car racing game is an Android simulation racing game that is based on drifting. If you’re a fan of car drifting games, this is the game for you because its developers have paid special attention to drifting while developing this game.

Real Drift Car Racing Full Apk

There are a lot of car racing games on the market, like NFS, Asphalt, Burnout Paradise, and so on, but this game is very small in size compared to top-tier racing games and is one of a kind. It offers a vast collection of racing and drifting cars, from muscle cars to super and hypercars.

If we talk about its features, it can somehow compete with top tear racing games around the world. It offers almost the features that someone might dream about. You can enjoy car drifting and get rewards after completing rounds; those rewards can be used to upgrade and unlock more cars and features.

Real Drift Car Racing Full Apk

Apart from real-life drifting experiences, real drift car racing full apk also offers in-game tips and tricks so you can outshine your opponents. Moreover, you can also play against your friends and show them how skilled you are at this game.


Customization): Like all famous car racing and drifting games, the real drift car racing Android game also allows you to customize your cars. You can change and upgrade engines, colors, wheels, etc. You can not only change the colors but also design the body of your car; plus, you can even write your name on it. It is just like the customization in real cars.

Burnout): All car and drifting lovers dream of having burnout for their cars; you also get this car racing simulation game feature that makes drifting and racing even more fun.

Engine Power Adjustment): You can upgrade your car’s engine and adjust the engine’s power during the game. You can also use a turbo to increase the engine’s power.

Maps): Players get bored while cruising the cars on the same map, but luckily in this game, you get multiple maps for drifting and racing.

Controls): I have played a lot of car simulation games in which you don’t get good controls resulting in the killing of the game experience, but here you get easy-to-use controls (Touch & Gyro). You can easily control your car using these advanced controls.

Real Drift Car Racing Full Apk

Camera Views): Real drift car racing free Android car drifting simulation game allows you to enjoy different camera angles.

Digital Speedometer): Like all modern cars, you get digital speedometers in this game that add even more fun to the gaming experience.

Real Drift Car Racing Full Apk

Real Physics): The best part is this car simulation game is based on real physics; you won’t see crazy jumps and drifts, but rather a real-life drifting experience.

HD Graphics): Another plus point is its graphics are of HD quality, so you can visualize the real-life drifting experience while playing this game.

Modes): Apart from competitive racing and drifting, the real drift car racing game offers a free ride mode to improve your racing and drifting skills. It offers three modes, including a time attack and drifts race mode.

Real Sounds): Unlike the racing and drifting games that offer fake sounds, real drift car racing full Android game offers real exhaust and engine sounds of all cars.

Score & Combos): real car drift racing apk full also shows the score and combos you have achieved while playing this game.

Customizable Difficulty): You can set the difficulty according to your skills and choice.

Photo Mode): You can also take and share photos of your achievements with your friends.

How To Download Real Drift Car Racing Full Apk?

Unlike the Google Play store, you don’t have an account or registration to download this game; it is a touch-and-go scene. Follow the steps below to download this car drifting racing game:

Step#1: Click on the green download button that is located at the top, just under the featured image.

Step#2: You’ll be redirected to the download page, where you’ll see another large green download button, click on that button.

How To Install Real Drift Car Racing Full Apk?

Once the apk file is downloaded, go to the downloads and locate the downloaded apk file. Just click on that real drift car racing apk full version file to install it on your Android, but you’ll have to allow your device to install the files from unknown sources.

FAQs: (Real Drift Car Racing Full Apk)

How many GB is CarX Drift Racing download?

CarX drift racing required almost 6 Gb of space.

Is CarX Drift Racing free?

No, CarX is not totally free.

Is Drift Max offline?

Yes, you can play this game offline.

How many GB is Hot Wheels?

You need 22 GB of space to download Hot Wheels game.

How many GB is Drift 21?

Drift 21 requires 20 GB of space to download.

How much RAM does CarX need?

CarX required 4 GB of RAM and a 2 GB graphics card.

How much GB is F1 18?

You’ll need 50 GB to download F1 18 game.

Wrapping Up:

There you have all the information on the real drift car racing full apk, including a download link to this game, how to download the real drift car racing full version, and FAQs.

I hope this article has been helpful to you in this regard; if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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