Netshare Pro Apk (No Rooting) Free Download For Android 2023

So you want to turn your Android smartphone into a WiFi router that’s the reason you want to download Netshare Pro Apk. And the good news is I’m going to provide you with the Netshare Pro apk latest version.

I am just amazed how things have changed when it comes to technology, like I remember in the 2000s, there was no concept of the apps and software we have today. But thanks to scientists and engineers, there are millions of beneficial apps on the market.

And Netshare Pro is one of those apps, what this app actually does is it turns your phone into a WiFi router. So if you want to share the internet with anyone, you can use this app in this regard. However, the pro version is not available on the Google Play Store.

That’s the reason I have decided to write a comprehensive post on Netshare Pro along with providing a download link to the latest version of it. Furthermore, I’ll also talk about its introduction, features, benefits, FAQs, and more.

Let’s dive in without further ado!

What is Netshare Pro Apk?

Introduction to Netshare Pro:

netshare pro apk

Netshare is an Android net-sharing app, it is based on tethering or PAM (Phone as Modem). With the help of this tethering app, you can easily share the internet of WiFi with others or with your own devices or create a portable WiFi hotspot.

For example, you can easily use this app to share the internet from your mobile to your Pc or maybe any other device. There are two basic methods that can be used to share the internet or WiFi, the first one is by using BlueTooth and the other one is by directly sharing cellular data.

Apart from sharing the internet via WiFi or Bluetooth, you can also do it with the help of a cable and your PC or laptop. The app is compatible with all Android devices having a software version above 6+.

Most apps like this require rooting which can be risky for the device’s security, however, Netshare Pro apk does not require you to root your device and I think this is by far the best feature of this app.

I am currently using the WiFi hotspot app on my Android mobile but that app literally sucks the battery in no time, however, the Netshare app is remarkable because it is lightweight and does not drain the battery.

Key Features of Netshare Pro:

Data Monitoring:

netshare pro apk

This net-sharing app allows you to monitor the cellular data you have shared so far with any device or with anyone.

Netshare Usage Limit:

If you’re afraid of your data being misused by some or even by your own devices, you can set the limit in Mbs and GBs.

Range Booster:

I think it is a must-have feature for any net-sharing app, what it actually does is it extends and boosts the range of your WiFi signal allowing you to connect devices at far distances.

Password Protection:

Nothing can be more important than security and password protection when it comes to net sharing, therefore, Netshare Pro apk comes with password protection like you can apply a strong password so one can steal your data.

No Rooting: 

This is by far the best feature of this app because a lot of net-sharing apps don’t work without rooting the device which can be risky for mobile devices as I have explained earlier.

Bypass Tethering: 

It allows you to bypass tethering.

User Interface:

Another great feature is its interface is quite user-friendly like there is no such complication like many apps.

Blocking Feature:

You can easily block the devices that you don’t want to share data with them.


And finally, it sends on-time notifications about the connected devices and other relevant topics like data warnings, etc.

How to Download Netshare Pro for Android?

Netshare Pro – Unlock Full Version:

It is quite easy, just click on the downloads button and follow the process, it will take 2 minutes to download it.

netshare pro apk

How Do You Use Netshare Pro Apk?

Once you have downloaded and installed Netshare pro apk on your Android device, simply launch the app, log in with a secure account and that will be it. It is that simple because you’ll also be guided by the app. 

FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions)

Final Words:

Well, that’s it and that’s all from my side, I have tried my best to make sure that you don’t have to visit any other website in this regard. Now you know everything about Netshare Pro apk, for instance, now you also have a download link to its latest version.

I hope this article has been helpful to you in one way or another, so download this app without spending a single penny and start sharing the cellular data or internet turning your mobile into a WiFi router.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks for Reading!

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