Best Apps Like Chat GPT (Top Chat GPT Alternatives) 2024

We see several people searching for Chat GPT alternatives on different platforms such as Google, Facebook, Quora, etc. It has revolutionized the lives of countless people in many ways.

I often wonder who could imagine an AI chatbot would be this important. For instance, a study shows that 40% of American adults have either used this open AI chatbot or have heard about it.

Chat GPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a natural language (NLP) model-based AI chatbot that was developed by Open AI and launched in 2022. Since its launch, Chat GPT has been quite a talk because it works like a human assistant and can assist you in many things from coding to writing and from problem-solving to suggesting movies.

Despite its fame and capabilities, it also faces criticism and it does have some cons as well along with several pros. Such as some people say it lacks factual accuracy and gives longer answers. Therefore, I am here with the best apps like Chat GPT or Chat GPT alternatives.

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Cons of Chat GPT Ai:

  • No real-time data
  • The facts provided by it need to be rechecked
  • Outdated or old data
  • Not a comprehensive chatbot

1 Microsoft Bing Ai: (Best Ai Alternative for PC)

If you prefer using a PC and looking for an app like Chat GPT, then Microsoft Bing AI is going to be a real treat for you because, after its integration with artificial intelligence, it has become something else, especially when it comes to anything like problem-solving and so on.

Apart from other features, it also helps the users in searches, for example, if you search anything on Bing with the assistance of Ai chatbot, you are going to get precise and incredible results.

Bing offers an AI chatbot service and is based on LLM and Chat GPT 4. It not only works as your assistant but also is quite a thing at searches. I have also noticed that the Bing AI chatbot converses in a language that is quite similar to humans.  

2 ClickUp: (Best Android Chat GPT Alternative)

ClickUp is an AI-powered program management program that was launched in 2017 by Alex Yurkowski and Zeb Evans. If your concern is program management, ClickUp is going to be the better choice than Chat GPT Ai by OpenAi.

I like Chat GPT, however, I have to prefer ClickUp over all other AI platforms when it comes to program management. It is widely used by businessmen because it is designed to do so.

It offers several features like Google extension, collaboration detection, project progress percentage, customized notifications, a friendly user interface, and more. And lastly, it also offers more than 100 ready-to-use prompts that will surely save you time.

3 Google BARD: (Best Android Chat GPT Alternative)

My third pick has to be the Google Bard (Bidirectional and Auto-Regressive Transformers) by Google. Google Bard is equipped with a monolithic AI chatbot specializing in human-like assistance conversations offering users the real human assistance experience. What I have noticed about these incredible apps while comparing the best apps like chat Gpt or chat Gpt alternatives.

Chat GPT has an upper hand overall on all other AI apps, however, it merely offers one type of output, whereas, Google Bard shows results in multiple formats from PDF to HTML. It can also generate real-time data, unlike Chat GPT & Open AI.

4 (Best Ai Writing Tool)

There is no doubt that Jasper Ai, previously Jarvis, is one of the best AI writing tools. Different people have different opinions, however, Jasper is the best choice when it comes to writing as per my understanding.

Why Am I claiming Jasper to be the best writing tool? It is because I have personally used this AI tool. If we compare Jasper with Chat GPT, we will come out with the understanding that Jasper is the best at writing whereas the Chat GPT chatbot is best at various other tasks like problem-solving, etc.

Jasper offers ready-to-use prompts, if you want to write a social media post, there is a ready-to-use prompt for this specific task. It offers both free and paid versions, however, you can only write 10000 words in the free version. 

Jasper is very very easy to use, all you have to do is to give proper commands, like you have to guide it to get the best output. Apart from all the features, it needs precision in commands. 

5 ChatSonic:

We can not ignore ChatSonic while talking about the best apps like chat gpt. ChatSonic is a cutting-edge AI-powered chatbot that is specially designed for writing and the best part is uses natural Language Processing and machine learning algorithms.

Initially, it did not get much attention, however, with time, it has become quite a thing. It also specializes in writing just like the Jasper. But I have noticed that its language is more human-like than Jasper’s. 

It also offers several useful features such as it can also help like Grammarly by correcting the sense and structure of sentences, as well as, the tone and vocabulary. Its voice command feature is also incredible which saves precious time.

Wrapping Up:

So, there you have the best apps like Chat GPT or Chat GPT alternatives. Download the app that suits you the most and you also must keep in mind that all these above-mentioned AI apps are best in their ways. You can not compare any other apps with Chat GPT when it comes to coding or problem-solving.

I hope this article has been helpful to you and you won’t have to visit any other website in this regard. If you have questions, suggestions, or anything like this, let me know in the comments below.

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